Tala Profile Aras Company holding a brand called Nova Vita was founded by Mr. Mohammad Reza Mirab. He has been living in Germany since 1974. He has graduated in power and energy and presented a large number of activities in various fields all along such as: productive activities, machineries, and chemical industries. Mr. Mohammad Reza Mirab is not only one of the founders of Hofmann Company in Iran but also the CEO of a cooperative company called Consulting for Business .


company Introduction

Tala Profile Aras Company was founded and recorded in 2014. Our purpose is to produce a new product in compliance with weather conditions and building possibilities of Iran. The 33-year experience of the founder of this company in Germany is what we lean on. This company presents its product Nova Vita (trade name) which is a combination of Italian design and German-Austrian technology. Tala Profile Aras has established the factory in which the annual capacity of 7000 tons in 6 lines of Cincinnati devices and technoplast frames is obtainable. The quality of products is also guaranteed by European and Iranian experts